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1."If I were still in charge in F1, I would take the opportunity to get him," said the former Mercedes racing boss Norbert Haug, talking about Mick's outstanding talent.。
2.BARRANQUILLA, Colombia, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Veteran striker Radamel Falcao said Thursday he still has plenty to offer Colombia's national team as he prepares for his fourth World Cup qualifying campaign.。
3.Du Kangxin led Wuhan players with 15 points. Li Xiu and Han Biaobiao finished with 14 and 10 points respectively.。
4.After matchday 3, Scotland top the group with 7 points, thanks to a 1-0 home win against Slovakia, followed by the Czech Republic (6 points), Israel (2) and Slovakia (1).。
5.To support the delivery of the season, athletes have agreed to a uniform pay reduction of 15 percent with the exception of those already on minimum payments.。
6."My players did a good job on defense and fast breaks," said Sichuan coach Pan Wei.。


1.CHENGDU, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Daqing coach-player Ji Yanyan became the all-time leading scorer of the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league as Daqing earned a hard-fought 79-76 victory over Tianjin through an overtime winner here on Friday.。
2."As we didn't train together for quite a long time, we still suffered some problems on both the attacking and defending ends," she noted.。
3."At the current stage, I put 70 percent in turning to a coach, with the remainder still playing on the court."。
4.Slovan Bratislava, one of the top title-contenders, was also close to losing its third in succession but managed to edge out Miskolc in OT to earn the first points of the season.。
5.BRATISLAVA, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) -- Nitra Hockey Club took first place in the rankings in the Slovak ice-hockey premiership Tipos Extraliga after winning its third-round match on Friday against Detva.。
6.At the other end Switzerland failed to force De Gea into action other than to claim a couple of centers into his area. Enditem。


1.Iran's soccer team left Tehran for Tashkent on Tuesday for a friendly match with Uzbekistan slated for Thursday.。
2."He has started treatment and physiotherapy. The next 24 hours will be important to see how his recovery will be. We'll evaluate him again before training [on Thursday] and we'll have a better idea then."。
3.Nadal has won 99 matches in the clay major, which means he had the chance to win the title with a record 100 Roland Garros victory on Sunday. Enditem。
4."We came into this match with the mentality of challenging Xinjiang. I hoped that our players could show our style in such an intense game," said Jiangsu coach Ding Tie.。
5.BRATISLAVA, Oct. 12 (Xinhua) -- Scotland remains unbeaten in the UEFA Nations League B after Sunday's close 1-0 home victory over Slovakia in the third round.。
6."He was unable to train because of pain in his lower back," Lasmar told a virtual news conference. "He's shown a small improvement today, but it is important to consider that less than 24 hours have passed [since the injury]. He's traveled by bus and plane to be here, which has made treatment difficult.。


1、COLOGNE, Germany, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Turkey bounced back three times and played out a 3-3 draw with Germany in an international friendly in Cologne on Wednesday.。
2、Xu, Liang and Zhang Manman got Jiangsu off to a quick start and combined for 21 first-quarter points, but Xinjiang withstood the trio's attack to tie the scores at 21-21 thanks to Wang Lili's 10 points.。
3、"I told them to fight until the end no matter when leading or trailing. All efforts have paid off now," she said. Enditem。
4、Li Yueru shot 13 of 17 from the field to contribute 27 points and 20 rebounds for the winner. Shanxi was unable to contain Li Yueru's glittering play, thus seeing little hope of a comeback in the second half.。
5、Players and clubs have to deal with a growing number of games, leaving no space for recovery and developing training sessions.。


Despite going into Tuesday's match as firm favorites, Brazil cannot afford to take their opponents lightly, Firmino warned.!


  • 爵这 10-30

    Inner Mongolia and Shanxi were tied 11-11 at the start of the first quarter, but then Inner Mongolia went on a 15-7 run and built a 26-18 lead after Li Yuan hit a three-pointer before the end of the first quarter.

  • 是隐 10-29

    Mori said last month that Bach expected to visit Japan in late October.

  • 力孽 10-28

    The family's name is traditionally attracting attention after Michael had won admirers' hearts in a red Ferrari.

  • 多条 10-27

    Turkey responded well and created two chances in quick succession through Efecan Karaca and Yusuf Yazici in the 15th minute.

  • 化开 10-26

    Mori said last month that Bach expected to visit Japan in late October.

  • 直接 10-25

    "I enjoyed that two weeks because I never had a such relaxed time since I began to learn golf."

  • 澎湃 10-24

    "The support from the Queensland government ensures we are able to deliver the season in 2020, providing a stage for Australia's best established and emerging talent to contest the 41st edition of Australia's longest-running elite women's sporting competition," Rechter said.

  • 就像 10-23

    The five-time world champions travelled to Peru with a full squad on Monday, having reported no positive coronavirus cases during mandatory daily tests.

  • 域具 10-22

    Temwa Chawinga broke the deadlock for Wuhan in the 26th minute, taking advantage of an error from a Jiangsu defender in the penalty area and lobbing the ball into the net. Jiangsu wasted a chance to level the game in the 38th minute as Ni Mengjie missed a penalty.

  • 操纵 10-21

    Mick called it the most giant step in his career so far.

  • 台高 10-20

    Suarez's exit after six seasons and 198 goals with the Blaugrana prompted his teammate and close friend Lionel Messi to publicly criticize the club as he bid an emotional farewell on social media.

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